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Since 2020, Starcoin has been pioneering enhanced PoW consensus and Move smart contracts, ensuring secure, scalable blockchain infrastructure.

Experience lightning-fast block generation with our FlexiDAG and TurboSTM technologies, fostering efficiency and reliability for Web3 digital life, as we propel the digital economy forward with our commitment to decentralization and security.

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Starcoin Features

Innovative Upgrade 2.0. Elevating Your Experience.

Starcoin, launched in 2020, pioneers the integration of Satoshi Nakamoto's enhanced Proof of Work (PoW) consensus with the secure Move programming language for smart contracts. With the introduction of FlexiDAG and TurboSTM upgrades by 2023, Starcoin 2.0, or "Tempus," marks a significant performance boost. This upgrade underscores Starcoin's commitment to continuous innovation, shaping a secure, efficient, and agile decentralized system for Web3 digital life. Through industry-leading parallelization technology like TurboSTM and Directed Acyclic Graph consensus algorithm FlexiDAG, Starcoin enhances scalability and efficiency, envisioning a decentralized digital ecosystem that empowers users to control assets and transact securely and efficiently.

Enhanced PoW Consensus

Starcoin's innovative consensus mechanism dynamically adjusts key network parameters, leveraging real-time data to accelerate block production, reduce transaction confirmation times, and enhance network efficiency, ultimately minimizing user wait times.

Move Smart Contract

Starcoin ensures unparalleled smart contract security by leveraging Move, a language renowned for its resource-oriented programming paradigm and comprehensive security features, revolutionizing the blockchain landscape and providing users with a secure, robust environment.

High-Performance Parallelization

In 2.0 phase, Starcoin achieves a significant transaction performance boost through industry-leading parallelization technology, TurboSTM, increasing transaction processing capacity by 17 times compared to the previous phase, coupled with FlexiDAG, the new Directed Acyclic Graph consensus algorithm, enhancing block generation speed by 10 times, thus enhancing network scalability and efficiency.

Starcoin 1.0 (Excluding DAG)
Starcoin 2.0 (Incorporating DAG)
Comprises a linear, sequential chain of blocks.
Combines a DAG with multiple subnets and blockchains for its consensus layer.
Consensus Mechanism
-Proof of Work (PoW)
-An enhance version of Nakamoto Consensus
-Proof of Work (PoW)
-An enhance version of Nakamoto Consensus combined with FlexiDAG
Constrained by block size and block creation time, potentially causing bottlenecks.
Offers high scalability and throughput due to parallel transaction processing.
Transaction Throughput
Lower, as blocks are processed sequentially, about 1,000 TXs / seconds.
Remarkably higher, thanks to the parallel processing of transactions 10 -20x faster.
Transaction Parallel Execution
Yes. Transactions are organized into blocks, increasing throughput by 10 times through the use of TurboSTM.


Existence Holds Value

Starcoin is a community co-owned native club,

Supported by sustainable incentives and transparent & verifiable systems.

Serving stakeholders who can co-build on the future of the DAO.

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