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Node Mining

Unlock STC rewards by safeguarding the network and validating transactions through mining to nodes or pools.
  • Epoch Start Time

    1 minute ago

  • Target Block Time(s)


  • Current Hash Rate(H/s)


  • Block per second


  • Start - End Block

    16,138,560 - 16,138,800

  • Block Reward


Starcoin is the only proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain that utilizes the Move programming language and is coupled with the support for parallel block production through a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure.

The mining of starcoin is based on the CryptoNight-RS algorithm, a variant of the CryptoNight algorithm, which is known for its democratic mining features. This algorithm is designed to be fair and accessible, ensuring that a wide range of participants, including those with less powerful hardware, can contribute to the network's security and consensus. Starcoin supports a broad spectrum of mining hardware, including CPUs, GPUs, and ASICs. This inclusive approach to mining hardware compatibility makes it accessible for various miners, from hobbyists with basic equipment to more advanced miners with specialized hardware. This diversity in mining participation helps in maintaining the decentralized nature of the blockchain, ensuring that no single group holds too much control over the network.


Effortlessly acquire STC by purchasing it from reputable centralized exchanges like Gate.io and Coinex.


Engage in trading, staking, farming, and earning yields on Starswap, the decentralized exchange powered by Starcoin!

StarMask Wallet

The MetaMask equivalent for Move, a non-custodial Chrome extension wallet tailored for Starcoin. With support for DeFi/Web3 functionality, NFT galleries, on-chain asset management, and DID integration.

Get started with Starcoin swiftly using the Chrome browser wallet, StarMask. With StarMask, effortlessly manage your STC and NFTs on the Starcoin chain, and seamlessly navigate your accounts.

Download Starmask

Github download and install (recommended)

Download the latest version of StarMask via the official Github Repository that is accessible anywhere.

Chrome Web Store Download

It's easy and convenient to download from the app store on Google Chrome. Some areas may require internet access.

A hardware wallet that supports STC

After installing StarMask, for enhanced account security, consider using a hardware wallet like OneKey

Geeks Own Your Starcoin Nodes

Dive into the technical realm of Starcoin by owning and operating your own node. Unlock a plethora of capabilities, from initiating polls to minting STC and monitoring account status. Explore our comprehensive guide to installing, initializing, and utilizing Starcoin nodes.

Hardcore Player

As a hardcore player deeply involved with Starcoin, you will contribute your passion to drive the development of Starcoin in the following ways.

Building Code
Starcoin DAO

One chain DAO

Starcoin is a community co-owned native club, Supported by sustainable incentives and transparent & verifiable systems. Serving stakeholders who can co-build on the future of the DAO.

Every STC holder can actively engage in on-chain governance, leveraging their STC to steer the community towards progress.