First FlexiDAG POW Blockchain in Move Ecosystem

Published at February 7, 2024 By Starcoin.

First FlexiDAG POW Blockchain in Move Ecosystem

Welcome to the world of Starcoin 2.0, where a revolutionary upgrade through FlexiDAG technology heralds a new era for blockchain advancements. As we launch the FlexiDAG testnet mining initiative, seize this prime opportunity to delve into Starcoin 2.0.

In the blockchain realm, Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology has gained increasing attention as an expansion methodology, signaling potential significant shifts in the future. FlexiDAG’s application showcases the efficiency and scalability it brings to blockchain, especially in enhancing processing speeds and network throughput.

Starcoin, established in 2020, stands out with its Satoshi-enhanced Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. It not only utilizes the next-gen secure programming language Move for smart contracts but also successfully launched its mainnet in May 2021, pioneering the integration of Move smart contracts with Satoshi consensus. Combining PoW’s decentralization, Move’s security, FlexiDAG’s scalability, and TurboSTM’s rapid transaction capabilities, Starcoin has crafted a secure, efficient, and swift decentralized system, offering reliable digital life solutions for the Web3 world.

Starcoin 2.0’s Technological Innovations

Integrating FlexiDAG in Starcoin 2.0 is not merely an addition but a comprehensive system upgrade. With FlexiDAG, Starcoin’s transaction processing has leaped forward significantly. For instance, Starcoin 2.0 showcased up to 17 times higher transaction capacity in test environments compared to previous versions. This implies faster transaction confirmations and higher network stability and reliability under heavy loads. Additionally, FlexiDAG enhances system efficiency and security by allowing so-called “uncle blocks” (blocks not part of the main chain) to contribute to the network’s security.

FlexiDAG Technology Overview

FlexiDAG (Flexible Directed Acyclic Graph) technology represents a unique DAG structure aimed at optimizing blockchain processing efficiency. Starcoin 2.0’s implementation focuses on strong interconnections among honest blocks rather than links with malicious blocks, ensuring a highly connected cluster of honest blocks even under limited computational power. Identifying and prioritizing this cluster significantly boosts network security and resistance to attacks.

Unlike traditional linear chains, FlexiDAG allows for parallel block generation, greatly enhancing transaction speeds and network throughput. This structure breaks the limitations of traditional blockchains, offering new performance enhancement avenues.

Beyond Satoshi Consensus

Technologically, FlexiDAG is not a direct continuation of Satoshi consensus but an extension. It transforms DAG into an independent PoW-based blockchain, unleashing Satoshi consensus’s potential from an external perspective while maintaining its generalities. This mathematical structure introduces a fresh perspective in the distributed ledger domain, representing blocks as vertices and the references among them as edges.

Maintaining the PoW Model Foundation

Despite these advancements, FlexiDAG remains grounded in the PoW model, including elements like PoW block creation, transaction fees, miner participation, the role of full nodes, and deflationary block rewards. However, it diverges from the traditional longest chain rule, adopting new rules to expedite consensus on parallel blocks and determine related transactions.

FlexiDAG’s Scalability

A notable feature of FlexiDAG is its exceptional scalability, providing higher transactions per second (TPS) and blocks per second (BPS) while ensuring security. Additionally, FlexiDAG introduces the capability to validate multiple parallel blocks simultaneously, further enhancing its scalability potential.


The introduction of FlexiDAG technology positions Starcoin 2.0 as a more efficient, secure, and scalable blockchain platform. With FlexiDAG’s upcoming debut, we invite you to partake in Starcoin’s FlexiDAG testnet mining, experiencing the power of this innovative technology. Participants also stand a chance to enjoy various incentive activities, such as raffles and point rewards, adding excitement and benefits as you explore the new frontier of blockchain technology. Your participation and feedback will significantly impact Starcoin’s future development. Join us in exploring the new frontiers of blockchain technology!

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