The Starcoin Ecosystem Community Guidelines

Published at February 1, 2023 By Starcoin.


*Hello, Starcoin fam!*

A remarkable start to the year! We’ve seen an influx of new members joining our journey toward a new blockchain narrative. Thank you all for your support!

As we grow into a dynamic ecosystem, the team has prepared the Starcoin Community Code of Conduct to uphold and protect the interest of community members and make the journey even more convenient and exciting.

We recognize the importance of an enthusiastic community to the success of any web3 project. Whether in uptrends or downtrends, a strong community supplies the energy needed for a project to continue building, expanding, and achieving milestones.

For this reason, a code of conduct is needed to ensure that the energy stays healthy within the community. The code is a set of defined rules and guidelines which create a safe environment for people of different regions, cultures, and experiences within the community to cooperate toward meeting shared objectives. This ensures that the best results are achieved from community interactions and engagements.

In this article, we will be going through the code of conduct of the Starcoin community. Here, we will understand the purpose of the code, the type of behavior that is encouraged, the type that is punishable, and the type that is just creepy. Overall, this will be our standard for defining who is and who isn’t welcome in our community in order to keep protecting ourselves from any form of exploitation.

So what’s contained in the code of conduct? What does it address? Let’s get to it.

Build a friendly environment

Be respectful of other community members. Treat everyone with kindness and respect even if you disagree with their opinion.

No shilling/external links

Any token sale related comments/links are automatically deleted, and any attempts to soft-shill projects or tease comments around banned words will be dealt.Banned after warning.

No NSFW or unprofessional content

Offensive posts will be deleted, and we will not hesitate to ban members without warning. This includes but is not limited to any jokes relating to: politics, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, outward appearance, etc.

No spam/phishing links

Any form of spamming, links, or advertising on the server will not be accepted. Do not post any spam, scam/phishing sites, or illegal content.

Protect your information

We will never ask you for your private keys, seed phrases, or passwords. Be careful with potential scammers, and please report such individuals.

Beware of fake ICO/IEO and investment schemes

No team member will ever ask you for money or offer you tokens for sale. Nor should anyone else within the channel ever do the same. If you have received any of these messages at all, please report these immediately to any admin, moderator, or team members, and we will deal with the matter accordingly.

No bullying or harassment

Bullying and harassment are not acceptable. This is not limited to bullying and harassing team members in the channel but other community members as well.

Please note:

All the rules to build a healthier and more vibrant community.

  • Any ICO/IEO trading discussion or speculation is not allowed and will be automatically deleted.
  • STC mining machine trading is prohibited. Starcoin does not provide STC mining machine trading channels. Be careful when trading with community members to prevent fraud.
  • Community administrators hold the final say in any disputes or discrepancies regarding these guidelines.

The goal of any community is to provide a safe and welcoming space where productive and positive conversations can happen. However, most of the harmful practices listed above hinder this goal and disrupt an active community.

The Starcoin community has a zero-tolerance policy for such misconduct, which is why we have compiled this set of rules to enable everyone to identify unacceptable behavior and report similar incidents to ensure a positive and inclusive atmosphere where creative ideas and solutions can be discovered.

So, we welcome all to the family; contributors, professionals, enthusiasts, OGs and newbies, tourists and actives (basically every good intentioned human being)

Lastly, we are grateful to the members who have joined the community for their constructive suggestions and kind support in the past. The community’s harmonious and friendly communication environment will definitely drive the project on the right track of development to make achievements.

Let’s come together to create a harmonious and healthy community!