Thank You Letter for The First Anniversary of Starcoin

Published at May 24, 2022 By Starcoin.


Dear Community Users,

We can’t wait to share this joy with you on this day of celebration! Because it’s the first anniversary of the Starcoin mainnet launch! Thank you for your continued attention. It’s been a challenging but wonderful year despite the turbulent market. Starcoin team is always full of enthusiasm, insisting on building more user-oriented application scenarios to ensure the security of user assets, make steady progress, and explore the most essential and core value of the decentralized Web 3.0. We sincerely invite you to look back at what we have achieved at every step.

Starcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain that enables secure smart contracts to power services in decentralized finance, gaming, and NFTs. In design, Starcoin incorporates the concept of security and introduces Move as a smart contract language to define safer user assets in the form of resources. In terms of implementation, Starcoin improves the scalability of applications and the interoperability of users through a layered architecture.

During the past year, Starcoin has built a scalable solution on Web3 infrastructure to serve users with the concept of security as a fundamental layer.

Here are the highlights for Starcoin over the past year.

Jun 2021

  • The first Move Dapp goes live, enabling on-chain governance DAO.

Sept 2021

  • Starcoin NFT specification released, and Cyberrare, the first NFT marketplace, goes live.

Nov 2021

  • Kikoverse, the first metaverse project on Starcoin, goes live.

Jan 2022

  • Arm Wrest War (AWW), the first Play 2 Earn game on Starcoin, goes live.

Mar 2022

  • Launch of the Starcoin eco-project FAI (FAI is an algorithmic stablecoin protocol created by Bfly Finance).
  • Starcoin eco-project Universal decentralized exchange Starswap launched on the mainnet.
  • FAI opens the clearing interface to all users

Apr 2022

  • Wenwen protocol, a decentralized Stablecoin protocol launched on Starcoin.

May-June 2022

  • A Cross-chain bridge connecting Starcoin and Ethernet.

Jun 2022

  • The Starcoin brand will complete its first full upgrade.

The Starcoin community is flourishing as the number of people grows; with tens of thousands of users following us, our various projects are getting much support from the community! We sincerely thank all of you involved in the Starcoin ecosystem on this memorable day.


As we all know, developers have driven the project’s main features forward, and 37 contributors have made 3457 commits on the main chain GitHub master code and completed 83 releases so far. Thanks to the developers’ contributions, Starcoin has achieved day-to-day development in terms of performance, stability, security, and scalability, and the supported network has been running safely and stably for one year.

Since the launch of the Starcoin mainnet, the application ecosystem has grown by leaps and bounds. With the support of community developers, Starcoin successfully organized 4 developer events, including 2 Starcoin & Move online Hackathon conferences and several rounds of security bounty events. Meanwhile, the Hackathon has led to the landing of many great DeFi projects, contributing to an extraordinary experience for Starcoin users.

Content Creators

Content creators are all those who contribute to the dissemination and understanding of Starcoin on social media channels. Thanks to the hundreds of long articles and videos posted by content creators on different channels over the past year, they have contributed essential additions to the official documentation.

Some of the content creators translated Starcoin-related content into different languages, which effectively promoted the awareness of Starcoin in other countries and expanded the user base.

In addition, some creators have shared and answered topics of interest to users through Live, AMA, Community Call, and other online community events, which effectively increased the knowledge of the community about the project and indirectly promoted the optimization and improvement of the project.

Miners and Node Validators

Starcoin is a P2P blockchain network. Miners and validators are the shields who secure the network.

The Starcoin network currently has hundreds of nodes, with a total network hash rate of around 80 MH/s. Special thanks to the miners and validators who participated in the test network mining events before the mainnet launch. They are genuinely early Starcoin adopters.

The trust from the miners commits time and computing power to the network. Moreover, they guarded the network’s security, which guaranteed the long-term stable operation of Starcoin and the safety of user assets.

It is a celebration that the Starcoin mainnet has been running stably for one year without any network security breaches or double-spend problems because of their contributions!

Starcoin is an optimized Nakamoto Consensus PoW network, thanks to the grand design of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Community Users and DAO

Community contributors include users who have helped evangelize or provided recommendations in different community channels over the years. Thanks to the trust and persistence of users, Starcoin has gradually grown more robust.

Having a leading public chain supporting on-chain DAO governance, Starcoin has completed 12 system upgrades with the participation of community users, including significant features such as Oracle, NFT specification, etc. The DAO governance has enabled Starcoin better to meet the requirements of users and the industry and enhance the value of the users of Starcoin.

With the support of community users, the Starcoin ecosystem has also made significant progress in its ecosystem, including several essential tracks such as DEX, NFT, Stablecoin, and Bridge.

The Startcoin Grant program is also devoted to rewarding community users in different dimensions. It has already got a handful of contributors, and we will continue to increase the coverage of this program next.


There is no doubt that Starcoin could not have achieved such success without the full support of our excellent partners! Our results are brilliant thanks to you!

  • Wallets: StarMask wallet, Bixin Wallet, OneKey hardware wallet
  • Exchanges:, CoinEx, BKEX
  • Mining pools: DxPool, Poolin, KelePool
  • NFTs: Kikiverse, Cyber Rare, BOB
  • Stablecoins: BFly ( mint FAI from STC as collateral), WENWEN (crypto asset collateralized lending)
  • DEXs: Starswap, Aswap

The Team

Finally, there is a development and operation team that works behind the scenes. Besides the project development, daily community operation and support, the regular AMA events, Airdrops, Bug Bounty events, the highly anticipated test network series events, etc. The team makes positive attempts to keep giving back to the community users. Thanks to all team members for all their efforts.

With the gradual deepening of the exploration of decentralization, the team and the community will continue innovating and improving scalable solutions based on the guarantee of asset security to be a convenient and efficient Web 3.0 infrastructure application for users. It will continue to develop over a more extended period and create more excellent value with community users who participate in the ecological construction!

The team will continue to innovate and explore the way forward. Starcoin will show its strength and attract more partners to the ecosystem to achieve a decentralized future in which everyone can participate! So go ahead like we’re bound to get there! Let’s look forward together!

Starcoin Global Team