Start by connecting the world: A Milestone for Starcoin’s Ecosystem

Published at June 17, 2022 By Starcoin.


As been announced, the cross-chain bridge which connects Ethereum and Starcoin will go live this week. It is a milestone for Starcoin Ecosystem.

Cross-chain technology breaks the value silos of public chains and connects the whole blockchain into a vast ocean. In this vast ocean, each public chain has its own value and characteristics and exists independently.

Starcoin also has its own unique value and connects to Ethereum through the cross-chain bridge, and the whole ecology has made a qualitative leap.

Starcoin is a user-oriented Web3 infrastructure. At Starcoin, users are sure to feel a different and wonderful experience, take a look.

Starcoin is user-oriented, respects the rights of users and serves their values:

  • The sanctity of users’ personal rights
  • User-friendly, pursuing a better user experience

Starcoin gives users a different and beautiful experience from different dimensions and with different designs. Compared to Ethereum, what does Starcoin have that makes the user’s experience more heartwarming?

Avoid being violated, all in one click

Writing data under another person’s account via transfer without permission is essentially a violation. This happens all the time in EVM public chains. Vitalik Buterin’s account, for example, is often transferred to various types of ERC20 Tokens without his permission, forcing him to respond in order to increase the Token’s popularity. At Starcoin, such violations can be avoided very easily.

In the Web3 era, the ownership of data belongs to the user himself and Starcoin respects the rights of the user. In Starcoin, the data of your account is completely in your hands and you can easily avoid infringement by others.

How can you do it without being violated at Starcoin? Take a look.

Starcoin has an innovative feature, as shown in the picture, that users can easily manage their accounts and avoid unnecessary infringement by simply clicking the “OFF/ON” button of “Auto Accept Token” through the official StarMask wallet.


When the “Auto Accept Token” date is OFF, other people transferring a new Token must first ask for their consent, and the transfer will only be successful if the person explicitly accepts the new Token, otherwise, it will be rejected. So, at Starcoin, users no longer have to worry about unnecessary infringement.

Your Data, Your Choice

In the EVM ecosystem, contract data is not stored in the user’s own account, but is centrally stored under the contract account to which the contract code belongs, through Map bookkeeping, which has many problems. For example, a vulnerability in an ERC20 contract would result in the collective ERC20 under the contract account being affected. What’s more, users have no ownership of the data that belongs to them, and the owner of the contract is able to overstep his or her authority to modify the data of others. With Starcoin, the ownership of the data belongs to the user and the user is able to take full control of their data.

Starcoin respects the rights of the user and guarantees the user’s ownership of the data. Any data generated by a contract can be stored in the user’s own account in a decentralized manner and cannot be modified by anyone without the user’s permission. This allows users to truly be “in charge of your own data”.


Replace the private key, account address remains the same

In our life and work, we often need to change the password of a certain account periodically to improve the security of the account. In the blockchain era, the account address is calculated from the private key. In the public chain of EVM ecology, the private key and address are strictly one-to-one and cannot be changed. If you change the private key, it means a brand new account. For many users, the most difficult thing to accept is a change of account address, especially one that is publicly available. With Starcoin, there is no need to worry about these issues at all.

Starcoin is designed to preserve the implicit relationship between Address and AuthenticationKey so that once the Address is determined, users can change the AuthenticationKey (AuthenticationKey) at any time according to their requirements. Once the Address is determined, the user can change the AuthenticationKey (the AuthenticationKey is calculated from the public key, and the public key is calculated from the private key, so changing the AuthenticationKey is essentially changing the private key) at any time according to their requirements.

What are the benefits of supporting account replacement of private keys?

The private key can be changed periodically to improve the security of the account while keeping the account unchanged

The single-signature account becomes a multi-signature account, with no cost to switch

If the same user has more than one existing account, you can replace the private keys of these accounts, and the same private key can unify the management of multiple accounts, reducing management costs.

Starcoin provides a good solution and a better user experience for users.

Starcoin is user-oriented, respecting users and serving them

In addition to these meaningful features mentioned above, Starcoin also has many designs to enhance user experience, such as multi-signature, DAO, etc.

Starcoin pursues more security, more extreme user experience, more scalability, and is user-oriented, respecting users and serving them. With the entry of the cross-chain bridge, the applications of Starcoin ecology have covered all mainstream tracks such as Swap, Stablecoin, NFT, Bridge, DAO, etc. It has achieved some major breakthroughs in a short period of time, showing strong vitality and competitiveness.