Mining Competition Phase 2 - Barnard Test Network and Mainline Launch Preview

Published at March 26, 2021 By starcoin-core.

Starcoin held the first phase of the Proxima test network mining event a few months ago, which lasted for a fortnight and attracted many users, including veteran miners who have been working in the industry for years and have detected the future value properties of Starcoin with their rapid radar, as well as newcomers to the mining community who were attracted by the innovative ‘one-click mining with zero threshold’.

The mining event allowed everyone to experience the Starcoin test network’s mining mechanism first-hand, and gave the technical team valuable data feedback to help us continuously optimise the project. Thank you again for your participation and help!

After recent optimisations and upgrades, we are now launching the second phase of the Starcoin Barnard test network mining campaign! The Barnard network will generate Genesis blocks based on the Proxima network with a height of 956,666 blocks, and users worldwide will be able to launch the network together.

This is the final round of beta mining before the Starcoin mainnet goes live, which will also be based on the Barnard network. Double the prize pool, double the time and double the prizes! We will also be giving away a number of Starcoin miners to be mined at the same time as the launch of the main network, so you can be the first to get your hands on Starcoin mainnet coins.

Starcoin is a new generation of layered smart contracts and distributed financial network, which aims to provide a secure platform for digital assets and decentralised financial operations, allowing blockchain to be used in more areas with lower barriers. It has the following features:

  • Enhanced Satoshi Nakamoto consensus protocol to maximize throughput while ensuring security
  • A flexible decentralised on-chain governance system to ensure the chain’s ability to continuously evolve
  • New generation of smart contract programming language Move, virtual machines and standard libraries for asset-oriented programming
  • Layered network model, where one and two layers work together to solve blockchain scalability challenges

Event Duration

The event will run for one month Start date: 27 March 2020 at around 20:00 (UTC+8) (Block height of the Proxima network: 956,666) Ends: 27th April 2020 at approximately 20:00 (UTC+8)

Prize Rules

Prize 1: Small Stellar [3,000 USDT + 6,000 STC

Nodes that have been running on the Starcoin test network for a total of 20 days during the contest period are eligible to participate in splitting this prize pool! And ≤20 nodes will be randomly selected and each node will receive a Starcoin miner*1 .

Prize 2: Starcoin [1,800 USDT + 3,600 STC

The top 3 addresses that mine the most blocks in the Starcoin test network during the contest period win this prize, distributed as follows. 1st place: 1,000 USDT + 2,000 STC + Starcoin miner1 2nd place: 500 USDT + 1,000 STC + Starcoin miner1 Third place: 300 USDT + 600 STC + Starcoin miner*1

Prize 3: Lucky Star [1,500 USDT + 1,500 STC

During the contest period, all addresses participating in mining on the Starcoin test network will have the opportunity to participate in a draw according to open and transparent draw rules for an equal share of 1,500 USDT + 1. 500 STC from 1% of the addresses (≥10) that have successfully produced blocks, 500STC. plus 1 Starcoin miner* per winning address .

Prize 4: Block Star [500 USDT + 1500 STC

50 USDT + 50 STC + Starcoin miner*1 for each address that mines 10 blocks of a specific height in the Starcoin test network during the contest period

Separate first mining prize: the address that mines the first block will receive 1000STC + Starcoin miner*1

Winning block height: 10,000; 30,000; 50,000; 70,000; 100,000; 120,000; 140,000; 160,000; 180,000; 200,000

Prize 5: Sharing Star [150 USDT + 150 STC

During the contest period, follow and retweet @Starcoin Blockchain on Weibo the top tweet of this campaign, 5 users will be drawn with the Weibo lottery tool to give out 30 USDT + 30 STC each at the end of the campaign, and the user with the most followers will receive a Starcoin miner.

Special Prize Satellite Guardian

Special prizes will be awarded to those who have contributed optimisation suggestions and solutions during the actual mining process, as appropriate!

Start mining

For detailed instructions see: Barnard Test Network Mining Guide - [Discussion #2327 - starcoinorg/starcoin (]( discussions/2327)

Event description

  • All USDT+STC bonuses will be partially verified and awarded after the Starcoin main site goes live. Starcoin will not be responsible for any maintenance, etc. * The prize is not a Starcoin product, but a prize for the event. Starcoin is not responsible for maintenance, etc. * Starcoin is the final arbiter of this event.
  • Add Starcoin’s assistant WeChat: starcoinorg and join the mining group to communicate with each other! *Starcoin

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