Starcraft·Win 10,000 USDT —— Starcoin mining competition round 1

Published at December 16, 2020 By starcoin-core.


To reward our community for participating in the construction of Starcoin network, Starcoin will be hosting a test network mining competition.

Having your first bitcoin in your life is getting harder and harder, but you still have a chance to have your first Starcoin! Just One-click to participate in the Starcoin test network mining competition, to feel the original joy of mining with a personal computer, and win the 10,000 USDT! This competition is not only for the top hackers, all participants have the chance to win rewards!

About Starcoin

Starcoin is inspired by Bitcoin with enhanced security and reasonable performance.

We inherit Bitcoin’s remarkable security mechanism and provide the high transaction throughput capability, by improving the PoW algorithm and introducing a multi-layer network.

Moreover, we create a layered Smart Contract Model, which could guarantee the security and stability of the infrastructural cryptocurrency, and be able to fulfill the performance requirement for DApps.


Start:December 18, 2020 00:00:00 (UTC+8)

End:31 December 2020 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

Rewards distribution

Competition rewards【1800USDT+1800STC】

The top 3 addresses with the most blocks mined during the competition period will win this rewards pool, distributed as follows.

Top1:1000 USDT + 1000 STC

Top2:500 USDT + 600 STC

Top3:300 USDT + 300 STC

Lucky rewards【3000USDT+3000STC】

All addresses participating in mining will have the opportunity to participate in the lottery.

according to the open source and transparent lottery rules to draw 1% of the addresses to split 3000USDT+3000STC

Sharing rewards【180USDT+180STC】

During the competition period, those who share their mining page posters in Weibo/WeChat will have a chance to get sharing rewards.

  • Weibo: Post a Weibo follow and @Starcoin Blockchain, 3 users will be drawn with the Weibo lottery tool after the event to receive 30USDT+30STC each.
  • WeChat: 30USDT+30STC will be awarded to each of the top 3 users who share the most number of likes and comments in their WeChat circle (For WeChat likes, please add Starcoin assistant WeChat: starcoinorg).

Rewards distrbution

  1. All USDT+STC rewards will be verified and distribte in 1 month after Starcoin main netwrok, which is expected to be in the first quarter of 2021.

  2. The rewards pool of this mining competition is about 5000 USDT+5000 STC, with a total value of nearly 10,000 U. The final right to explain the activity belongs to Starcoin.

Mining guide

Official command line tools

  1. Download && install see Github

  2. Join Starcoin Proxima test network.

    Note: Starcoin node will start one thread for mining, modify it in starcoin configuration file.

  3. (Option)Connect your node with starcoin miner_client for mining

  4. Check account status,in starcoin console

    >> account show

More details: starcoin developer guides

Starcoin node Gui

Please See starcoin_node_gui