Starcoin Rebranding:Inspiration from Community

Published at June 1, 2022 By Starcoin.


We are incredibly excited to announce the new identity of STARCOIN!

May was a big month for us. Brand update almost perfectly aligns with our 1st Anniversary celebration.

Looking back on our journey so far, we can’t help but feel proud and grateful for what we have achieved together. As the industry innovates, we also need to keep the same pulse. However, what really drove our rebranding is community.YES. We have been listening to our community.

Over the last year, We have never stopped on this journey of self-discovery to understand what is the brand vision, mission and values. And what the future of our brand could be. We are proud that as we have grown with our community, we have clarified what we should do. Therefore it was time to upgrade our brand identity to communicate our progress and new goals to the community.

Starcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain that enables secure smart contracts to power services in decentralized finance, gaming and NFTs. We tap into the brand DNA “values “based on the differentiated innovation of Starcoin solutions in terms of scalability, security, and user-oriented. As a pathfinder for the empowerment of values in Web3.0, we focus on providing values for crypto ecosystems. That’s why the brand slogan is “Empowered by Security from the Origin. Redefine Values in Web 3.0”.

The essence of blockchain is decentralization, but a decentralized connection is necessary. Only by establishing a connection between brands and users can we build a future together, so we want to strengthen the concept of “connection,” and we also need to convey that this kind of connection is trustless security and that all connections are traceable.

To communicate the value proposition of the brand strategy, the new brand adopts a more identifiable visual language, and the core visual language of the new LOGO concept is “value of connection.” The brand font, STARCOIN, is a stylized design that combines the font with the logo to show the technology and futuristic sense. The brand colour uses a more recognizable colour scheme; the deep midnight blue conveys the feeling of trustworthy security. The light blue gives fresh energy iterated from the deep blue, and the green represents the expectation that we will build the future of web3 together. Starcoin focuses not only on the present but also on the future. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to craft a connection to existing and prospective users and convey who we are. As the most native blockchain for Web 3.0 value empowerment, we should be.

This is not just the launch of a new brand identity but the beginning of the next phase of our journey.

With new possibilities and partnership opportunities emerging, we are devoted to improving and growing the Starcoin ecosystem with the community. This further means we are building a more flexible infrastructure for the environment, user-friendly decentralized ecology, and a better and more substantial representation of our innovative DNA — VALUE.

We look forward to bringing fresh experiences to you with this rebranding. Join the Starcoin community, a co-owned native club. Let’s make friends with the explorers, advocates, and forerunners of WEB 3.0.

Starcoin Global Team