Starcoin Move Language upgrade voting is open

Published at February 20, 2023 By nkysg.

Voting for the Starcoin Move Language v6 upgrade is open. Voters need to update to the latest version v1.13.0. This upgrade support table(need upgrade stdlib), gas meter refactor, new bytecode u16, u32, u256 and security improved.

  1. move language support table , gas meter refactor and new bytecode u16, u32, u256 and security improved. (

Upgrade proposal information

  1. Proposal id: 13
  2. Proposal transaction:
  3. Proposer address: 0xed9ea1f3533c14e1b52d9ff6475776ba

Coin holders are invited to vote on the chain. When voting, the STC of the current account will be stake to the contract until the end of the voting period, which is currently 7 days.
To encourage participation in on-chain governance, incentives for on-chain governance will be introduced in the future. Users who participate in voting this time will be compensated according to the incentive strategy.

For voting methods, please refer to: Starcoin Move Language upgrade v6 Guide

For more information on Starcoin governance, please see.