First phase of Starcoin cross-chain bridge tokens and dapps scenarios and will soon be online

Published at July 9, 2022 By Starcoin.


After weeks of testing, the cross-chain bridge connecting Ethereum and Starcoin is ready for launch. Next, we will launch the first phase of cross-chain tokens in our ecosystem applications.

The launch of Starcoin and Ethereum’s cross-chain bridge has realized the ecosystem’s connectivity between Move and EVM. Launching Starcoin Ecosystem’s first cross-chain bridge improves the interoperability of ecosystemic applications and the liquidity of tokens. In addition, users can quickly transfer assets between different chains through the cross-chain bridge.

Cross-chain technology breaks the value island of the public chain and connects the entire blockchain into a vast ocean. Each public chain has its value and characteristics in these immense waters and exists independently. Starcoin has its unique value, including its security and excellent scalability. By connecting Ethereum and the entire Web3 world through a cross-chain bridge, the Starcoin ecosystem has achieved a qualitative leap.

Starcoin is a user-oriented Web3 infrastructure. So whether you are a long-term User of Starcoin or a new user who has just crossed the chain, you will significantly experience Starcoin.

What are the first phase of Starcoin cross-chain bridge tokens and dapps scenarios?

  1. On July 13, Starswap will launch STC/USDT trading pairs and farming rewards.Also open liquidity mining.

DEX users have a wide range of needs for USDT and other stablecoins. With the launch of STC/USDT and more cross-chain token trading pairs, users can exchange all the new tokens on Starcoin for any other mainstream crypto assets. As a result, users no longer need to rely on the centralized CEX to exchange STC and other assets. In addition, users’ participation in providing STC/USDT liquidity can also receive high farm rewards.Add 10x multiplier in STC/USDT Farm pool.

\2. On August 3, BFly finance will support ETH as a collateral asset.

By supporting ETH as a collateral asset, users can better experience the advantages of low cost and high performance of Starcoin’s chain and improve the use efficiency of users’ crypto assets. In addition, ETH support also makes FAI gradually become a better-adapted stablecoin across multi chains.

What is the significance of the Starcoin cross-chain bridge launch?

With the rapid evolution of Web3, Layer2 projects have increased rapidly, forming a pattern of coexistence of multiple chains. As a result, a single blockchain ecosystem cannot meet the diverse choices of users.

Starcoin is a secure and scalable blockchain value network. With the gradual improvement of The Starcoin ecosystem, the demand for cross-chain assets on the chain is also growing rapidly. The bridge breaks the island of value and promotes the rapid and healthy development of The Starcoin ecosystem app. Apps outside Of Starcoin also have the opportunity to access the Starcoin network via the bridge and take advantage of the openness and strength of Starcoin.

Launching the first phase of cross-chain bridge tokens opens the door for Starcoin to the outside world. With the development of ecology, there will be more exciting application scenarios online, and the cross-chain bridge will open more token types, including NFT support, stay tuned.

Please read the specific project announcements for detailed instructions on using cross-chain bridges in the above dapps.