Starcoin Dapps Support on OneKey App

Published at August 5, 2022 By Starcoin.


We are thrilled to announce that Starcoin is now available on OneKey wallet APP.

Starcoin has kept asset security as the primary prerequisite for all ecosystem development since its launch over a year ago, and the partnership with OneKey wallet has been a long time coming, and with the launch of the OneKey app, we are happy to announce that Starcoin is available on OneKey App.Mobile-friendly!Use OneKey App separately to store and use your crypto assets in a secure and convenient manner. Each user’s assets are appropriately secured and stored locally.

Starcoin is the first permissionless blockchain based on the Move programming language system, and STC is the only Move ecosystem native token on the OneKey app as of today.

If you keep sensitive to industry opportunities, you might already know that the recent investment by a16z Ventures in a blockchain based on the MOVE programming language has brought many investors to the Web3 project of the Move ecosystem.

What is Move specifically referred to often in the Web3 space, and what does it mean?

This has 3 levels of implications.

  1. Move language. Move is a smart contract language designed specifically for digital assets, which provides security for digital assets while being advanced in its programming model.
  2. Move VM. Move VM is the runtime environment for Move, which provides runtime security checks and enhanced protection for digital assets.
  3. Move Application Ecosystem: Move Ecosystem refers to smart contracts and Web3 applications developed using the Move language, which can run on multiple chains after simple adaptation and can fully enjoy the power of the Move language and the protection of the Move VM.

What does Starcoin have to do with Move?

Starcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain that enables secure smart contracts to power services in decentralized finance, gaming and NFTs.

Starcoin is the first permissionless blockchain based on the Move system and leverages the powerful features of Move while also enabling significant unique design features.

  1. With the easy gas mechanism, users can use any token on the platform to pay for gas
  2. auto accept token feature to prevent spoofing and spamming by airdrop mechanism
  3. The first Map(table) function in the Move language
  4. The first Move ecosystem to implement the governance mechanism of automatic chain upgrade through voting, which is also leading in the whole industry.

Recently, the move ecology L1 has exploded, including Aptos, Sui, etc. We have noticed that several Move chains are solving an infrastructure performance level problem. To build an infrastructure that caters to the needs of the future Web3 era.

However, we are all taking different routes. Aptos and Sui’s approach is to optimize L1, including improving the consensus algorithm and enhancing the parallel processing capability of nodes, so that the TPS of L1 can reach 100,000 or even higher;

Starcoin adopts a different route, Starcoin L1 mainly focuses on solving decentralization and security problems, and higher performance is achieved through L2.

There is no simple conclusion about the advantages and disadvantages of these routes, but it is also a widely accepted attempt to solve the scalability problem in the industry.

Therefore, what opportunities does Move have for users in 2022?For general users, you can try to tap into high-yield DeFi projects such as Starcoin ecosystem Starswap.