Starcoin V1.12.6 released, support multi-token payment for gas fee, optimize the tool chain

Published at November 30, 2022 By Starcoin.


Starcoin has released v1.12.6, which adds multi-token payment of Gas fees when sending transactions, upgrades the standard library from v11 to v12, upgrades the rust toolchain, and optimizes the development experience.

Multi-Token payment for Gas fees

Assuming at this point that a new token, DummyToken, is registered at address 0x1, then we can use this type of token to pay the Gas fee for the transaction, using it in the following way.


Detailed Update Log

  • Upgrade starcoin from v1.12.4 to v1.12.5 in #3761
  • Update the starcoin-framework dependency of the VM standard library to the latest version in #3764, synchronizing the two renamed entry functions in the framework’s Block module.
  • Fix cyptonight compilation issues on windows in #3762
  • Upgrade smallvec from 1.9.0 to 1.10.0 in #3768


  • Changed the rust toolchain file rust-toolchain to rust-toolchain.toml in #3769 This means it is no longer backwards compatible. Upgrade the rust toolchain to 1.64, mold to 1.5.1, and remove the GitHub Action associated with the rust toolchain.
  • Update docker_build.yml docker/setup-buildx-action to version 2 and Dockerfile rustup to version 1.25.1 at #3771
  • Delete the starcoin-x package at #3777, update the scripts and config, and cargo llvm-cov nextest to generate the overlay data
  • Fixed Starcoin console help message formatting issue in #3781
  • In #3783 update the starcoin-framework dependency of the VM standard library to the latest version, update the README, and ignore the country library withdrawal test function
  • Added the gas-token option to the transaction command in #3780 to specify the token to be used as the gas fee when sending a transaction, default is STC, use — gas-token 0x1::STC::STC
  • Add Ubuntu 22.04 release version to #3787 to fix openssl incompatibility upgrade issue
  • Add stdlib test for upgrading from v11 to v12 to #3788
  • Upgrade Starcoin’s Move language to the latest version in #3792
  • Upgrade stdlib to v12 in #3793
  • Add a test to the upgraded Move in #3796
  • Upgrade starcoin from v1.12.5 to v1.12.6 in #3797