Starcoin on-chain voting and airdrop claim guide

Published at February 22, 2023 By Starcoin.


Starcoin is launching the 13th on-chain poll. Participate in the poll to receive the subsequent airdrop rewards.

Voting time: Feb 22, 4:00 am GMT **Voting page:**

**How to vote: **Connect to StarMask wallet on the voting page


Click the vote button:


Enter the number of votes and confirm (please reserve some gas fee for on-chain transfer).


After voting, you can check the number of votes cast at the bottom. Lock the STC until the end of voting to receive subsequent airdrop rewards.


Note: It is recommended to download the latest version of StarMask Wallet through Chrome Online App Store.

Download here:


StarMask Tutorial

Users who have participated in the pre-voting can go to the airdrop page to claim the rewards. Valid for 15 days

**Airdrop page:**

**Formula: **(Bonus calculated based on 20% annualized for full 7 days)

Airdrop Bonus = Number of votes * 20% / 365 * Number of days to vote (full 7 days)

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