Starcoin-framework V12 released, add DAOSpace, DAOSpace Plugin & Plugin Marketplace

Published at December 1, 2022 By Starcoin.

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    Starcoin-framework has released the v12 version, let’s take a look at what changes have taken place in the framework from v11 to v12!

    Detailed Update Log

    • Added a new function in #13, when calling Account::deposit(address, token), if the account does not exist, a new account will be created automatically.
    • Renamed mpm’s integration tests from spectest to integrationt-test in #24 (v1.11.5-alpha release).
    • In #34, the NFT lending capability is realized, the NFT is rented out through the related borrow function, and the return_back function returns the NFT.
    • Added functions for serialization and byte stream processing in BCS in #45.
    • Added StarcoinVerifier module in #43 to support snapshot proof and verification of Starcoin.
    • Added the Ring module in #44. Its usage scenario is: you need to keep a piece of data in a buffer, which can be overwritten when updating.
    • Add some methods in Block in #41 to solve the problem that the contract cannot obtain the state root of the block in #39, and the provided method can save the block information.
    • The major update from v11 to v12 this time is: implement DAOSpace, DAOSpace plug-ins and plug-in market, please refer to DAOSpace wiki for details.