Starcoin Ambassador Program — — Star Dome 2.0 Launch

Published at September 28, 2022 By Starcoin.

Starcoin is delighted to announce its Ambassador program “Star Dome” 2.0 is launched!

We’re grateful to have received about two hundred ambassador applications from all over the world after the first release of the Star Dome program, which encouraged us to just start the program.

To further activate the growth potential of the community. We are looking to seek passionate and enthusiastic influencers and self-starter community leaders who are passionate about Web3. Meanwhile, in an attempt to maximize the value and achievement of our ambassadors, we have launched StarDome 2.0 to motivate and reward them.

**What’s new in Star Dome 2.0?**

Star Dome 2.0 will be upgraded from [Star Dome 1.0]( and will focus on training ambassadors to become self-made community managers and influence more Starcoin supporters. Star Dome 2.0 aims to proactively customize tasks, enable high-level ambassadors to lead other candidates, be more informative and, on top of completing tasks, be able to spontaneously innovate, or provide valuable input.

- Ambassadors unlock identity promotion from Candidates, Mods, and Junior Ambassadors to Senior Ambassadors by completing six tasks and enjoy Ambassador medal NFTs, token rewards, and team support that match their status.


Ambassador medal NFTs

- After being a Junior Ambassador for a limited period of time, receive a limited city NFT from the Ambassador’s city as an honorary exclusive token based on the value of their contribution to the community.


Limited City NFT

- For ambassadors who make outstanding contributions to the brand based on quantifiable and comprehensive social media influence statistics, we will give back a personal reward of 5,000STC-20,000STC.

**What are the 6 tasks of StarDome 2.0?**

1. Community activation,Share some brand events, live broadcasts, articles and crypto industry-related information in the discord community, chat with community members, manage the daily norms of the community, such as deleting ads, answering questions and solving concerns in the community, and we will provide points rewards for community Q&A contributors.
2. Translate medium articles (unlimited languages), official website articles and some related tutorials to make the project’s promotional materials multilingual for the convenience of different users, and at the same time popularize related blockchain knowledge to achieve the effect of making the brand widely spread.
3. Making videos, memes, writing articles, etc. This section will test the ambassador’s creativity and ability to understand the project, and will require the creation of more UGC content to expand the brand’s influence.
4. Community growth, and actively expanding co-marketing bring community fan growth and achieve better reputation promotion. We hope more and more users will be attracted to the brand and participate in our community building.
5. Independently planning and hosting live streams and AMAs around Starcoin-related topics to spread the word about Starcoin’s latest project updates and brand influence.
6. BLIND BOX TASK: At the end, we will invite ambassadors for mysterious tasks based on their special abilities, and if they reach their goals, individuals will receive unexpected gifts and rewards!

The Star Dome 2.0 program will help the ambassadors to realize their self-worth, and further, encourage them to focus their work on how to grow faster and better.

Of course, we will add a new Star Dome interview session in order to improve the quality of ambassadors and enhance the Starcoin ecosystem in all aspects, so as to select community talents who meet the high standard requirements.

At the same time, during the launch of Star Dome Project 2.0, many social media channels will cooperate with the Starcoin team to provide articles and video content to be subscribed to and pushed on multiple channels such as youtube/medium/Twitter to support the development of Starcoin community.

If you happen to be the person we’re looking for, don’t hesitate to submit an application! Make sure you let us know that your talents can be of greater value through our ambassador program! We would be happy to have you on board!

Apply for the ambassador role here: