Secure Foundation for Maximizing Value Empowerment

Published at April 24, 2023 By Starcoin.

As we all know that Security is one of the most important features in the blockchain industry. Starcoin clearly recognizes this feature and fulfills it in two ways: Enhancing PoW and employing our own smart contract language “Move”.

The Starcoin consensus uses an adapted method to speed up block production and reduce transaction confirmation time. It introduces the uncle block rate and other runtime data to dynamically and intelligently adjust the status of the block production time, difficulty, block reward,block size, etc. As a result, it can improve network utilization and reduce user waiting time. Starcoin consensus can also scale securely by managing important consensus key parameters, thresholds, and other data in a unified manner in on-chain configuration and combined with the on-chain governance mechanism.

Another approach is to employ the most secured smart contract language “Move”, which it introduces a resource-oriented programming paradigm and redefines the data operation permissions between users, chains, and contracts, allowing users to control the ownership of data and helping users realize the value of Web3

Move has established a smart contract security revolution, using more scientific means to improve the security of on-chain assets and serve Web3 users. Move has designed a series of out-of-the-box security features, resource types, stable static calls, and a perfect testing system. In addition, it uses verification tools to lower the security threshold for developers and improve the security of user data.

One of the Move’s important features is its resource-oriented programming that helps developers easily design digital assets that are irreproducible, non-discardable, and secure. Generic-oriented programming allows assets to be freely combined, makes protocols easily scalable, and makes applications more open.

In order to further guarantee safety and ensure the inviolability of users’ assets, Starcoin introduced formal verification technology to maximize security. Formal verification is a cutting-edge technology that uses mathematical means to prove a program’s security scientifically. What’s more, Move supports a set of mature formal verification tools. As a result, users only need to write SPEC to prove the program’s security and easily avoid many security risks. Static types and static calls exclude program uncertainty, avoid the security risks of dynamic calls, and improve the stability of the code.

(From Titan Z.)