First Starcoin Move Online Hackathon Introduction

Published at July 5, 2021 By Starcoin.

Starcoin is a permissionless blockchain using Move, a smart contract language explicitly designed for distributed financial applications and digital assets; it is the first public blockchain to support Move contracts.

Some highlights for the Starcoin Move language:

  • Easy to learn
  • Flexibility
  • An linear logic language that distinguishes between data and resources, making digital assets more secure
  • Mathematical method proving the correctness of the system through formal verification

To take full advantage of the Move language, Starcoin activated the Move smart contract publishing feature and launched the first Starcoin Move online hackathon.

I. Starcoin activated Move smart contract publishing on chain

Starcoin launched a new proposal to officially activate the Move publish permission on June 23, 2021, advocating a full publishing functionality and allowing anyone to deploy Move contracts to the chain. The proposal fully follows the Starcoin on-chain governance process, voting starting on June 23, 2021, and ending on June 30, 2021, after seven days of community voting. With the community’s efforts, the proposal was finally voted in with 7357180.4992 STC votes in favor and 1 STC vote against (proposal and voting details).

On July 1, 2021, the proposal was successfully executed (transaction details) 0x2f5de2f8c7b5f944d8785eeca36576db6decef4563600340e430294a99839de3)), a moment of great significance, marking the official and complete opening of the Starcoin ecosystem to a whole new era of decentralized applications.

II. Officially released the first DApp of Move ecology - POLL

Starcoin officially released the first DApp in Move ecology - POLL on June 24, 2021, allowing users to participate in Starcoin on-chain governance by combining with StarMask, a decentralized browser wallet. Additionally, users can view historical voting information through the Dapp Home.

III. Details of the First Starcoin Move Online Hackathon Competition

At the same time, the first Starcoin Move online hackathon for developers around the world has also officially kicked off. This hackathon will invite judges, senior DeFi developers, mentors from the Starcoin and Move communities. In addition, other industry leaders and investment institutions will also participate in the event.

[Event Time]

The Hackathon starts at 00:00 on June 23 and ends at 24:00 on July 31 (GMT+8).

Participants should deploy their contracts to the Starcoin chain before the end time.


Any individual or team (up to 5 members) can register to participate.

  1. Registration Portal
  2. Please also follow assistant WeChat: starcoinorg, note: hackathon, participants can join Wechat official hackathon group to form teams, make technical discussion freely.

[Registration requirements]

  1. accurate registration information.
  2. one individual may not participate in multiple projects at the same time.
  3. violating the above rules will be disqualified from the prize.

[Prize Settings]

  1. Participation Prize (20 projects)
  • 1 Starcoin ASIC Mini miner
  • 1 Starcoin T-shirt
  1. Finalist prize
  • 10,000 STC
  • 2 Starcoin ASIC mini miners
  • One Starcoin T-shirt per member
  • Chance to enter the next round of eco-support competition

[Participation Prize Rules]

  1. 20 participation prize winners
  2. to qualification, the main GitHub account of the project should have at least ten followers.
  3. The winner will be selected in order of registration time (excluding finalist prize projects).

[Finalist award judge dimensions]

  • Code complexity: based on code completion and complexity.
  • Project completion: the completion of the project.
  • Creativity: the business novelty.
  • Practicality: the practicality in the industry.
  • Presentation: the clarity and rationality of the presentation and the perfection of the documentation.
  • Impact: the scale of impact of the problem solved.
  • Technical difficulty: the technical difficulty required.
  • Design: the UI, user interface, and user experience.

[Finalist Award Judge Rules]

  • Product: 35%
  • Market and track: 25%
  • Business model and implementation: 20%
  • Team: 20%
  • Total Score: 100%

[Encourage track]

  • Yield farming
  • DEX
  • Asset-Management
  • Lending
  • NFT
  • Oracle
  • Cross-Chain
  • Algorithmic-Stablecoin

[Highlights of this event]

  • The world’s first Move-based developer hackathon.
  • Rich Move development tutorials.
  • Zero-distance access to ecological technology experts, top developers, and investment institutions.
  • Advancement to the next round of the eco-support tournament.
  • Rich and broad tracks for easy commercialization.
  • Dual rewards of STC and ASIC miners.
  • In-depth technical and creative coaching to help participants’ projects development and launch.

Developers worldwide are welcome to participate in the first Starcoin Move online hackathon!

IV. Move tutorial training

On June 30, 20:00 (GMT+8), Bai Qi, a senior engineer from Westar Labs, presented a live broadcast on the Weibo platform, with the topic of “Move from Beginner to Advanced”, covering script, function, and other Move The content covers the basic syntax such as script and functions. Moreover, it explains Move language in a systematic way. The replay of this live broadcast is available now (in Chinese).

The second Move development tutorial will take place on July 7 at 20:00 (GMT+8), including more Move development knowledge from Starcoin core developer Qiming Deng.

We are scheduling more tutorial courses; please follow hackathon assistant WeChat account: starcoinorg and check our website for the latest updates.