Participation Instructions for Starcoin Hackathon

Published at December 22, 2021 By Starcoin.


The theme of this year’s Starcoin Hackathon is “All in Metaverse & Defi on Starcoin”, which aims to bring participants together for a limited period to brainstorm for new ideas in the field of Metaverse & Defi.

The hackathon is open to all companies and individuals and will have several winners in different tiers. The preferred applications are in the field of Defi, NFT, GameFi, and the Metaverse interacting with the Starcoin protocol, among many other fields. The hackathon has attracted certain attention in the blockchain industry and is welcomed by many talented developers and teams.

Detail information about this year’s Starcoin Hackathon are as follows:

[Event Duration]:

The registration starts on December, 2021, and ends on February 7, 2022

Submissions begin on February 7, 2022 and end on February 14, 2022

Teams and individual developers will have six weeks to build and deploy Dapp onto the Starcoin public chain.

[Participation Instruction]:

Migrating an NFT/GameFi/Metaverse-related idea and early project using the Move language, deploying Dapps on Starcoin, implementing well-known protocols, and combining it with the security qualities of the Move language.

Including, but not limited to, such as

  • NFT related projects: NFT segmentation and NFT packaging
  • Metaverse projects that interact with the Starcoin protocol: GameFi, game item management tools, game item rentals and group sales

[Bounty Setting]:

Total prize: $30,000

First place: $15,000

Second place: $7,000

Third place: US$5,000

Fourth place: $3,000

Awarded in the form of Starcoin tokens (STC)

[Submission Requirements]:

  • All submitted projects must be deployed on the Starcoin Halley or Starcoin Barnard test network
  • Must submit a full project demo video and a link to the Github repository
  • MMust submit a demo video (5-10 minutes) explaining the project and how it will be used
  • Projects must be submitted in February, 2022

[Rating Criteria]:

  • Execution - How well was the project executed?
  • Creativity - How creative is the project?
  • Design - How good is the user experience?
  • Impact - How well does the project impact the ecosystem?

[Results Announcement]:

  • Finalists will present their projects on Discord, other awards will be announced at the end of February
  • All winning projects will receive strong support from the Starcoin project management and community, including funding, technology, and marketing resources, to make the projects into high-quality Starcoin public chain ecological projects.

[For groups]:

1.Blockchain practitioners at home and abroad

2.Blockchain professionals or hobbyists from domestic and foreign universities

3.All excellent developers, designers, hackers, enthusiasts, and investors who are interested in blockchain

[Registration Requirements]:

1.The registration information is accurate and true

2.The same player may not participate in more than one project at the same time

3.No violation of the above rules, otherwise the entry will be disqualified and rewarded

[Registration Method]:

1.Any developer or team (maximum 5) can register through the following ways

2.Entry portal: Click to fill in the information for registration (

3.Enter the official hackathon Discord group ( free team formation, technical exchanges, registration participation.

[Provide support]:

Starcoin’s engineers will provide technical support related to Move language for all developers in the Discord channel