2022 STARCOIN Roadmap Update|Stepping Solidly Forward

Published at July 12, 2022 By Starcoin.


More important than keeping achievements alive is providing innovation in strategy.

Having hit every milestone on the first half of our 2022 roadmap to date, we’re excited to announce our next plans for the rest of the quarter and the year ahead.

Starcoin is consistently evolving to provide industry value and adapting to changing environments, all while focused on reaching new milestones. We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the following targets to date:

Jun 2021

  • The first Move Dapp goes live, enabling on-chain governance DAO.

Sept 2021

  • Starcoin NFT specification released, and Cyberrare, the first NFT marketplace, goes live.

Nov 2021

  • Kikoverse, the first metaverse project on Starcoin, goes live.

Jan 2022

  • Arm Wrest War (AWW), the first Play 2 Earn game on Starcoin, goes live.

Mar 2022

  • Launch of the Starcoin eco-project FAI (FAI is an algorithmic stablecoin protocol created by Bfly Finance).
  • Starcoin eco-project decentralized exchange Starswap launched on the mainnet.
  • FAI opens the liquidation API to the public.

Apr 2022

  • Wenwen protocol, a decentralized Stablecoin protocol launched on Starcoin.

May-June 2022

  • A Cross-chain bridge connecting Starcoin and Ethernet.

Jun 2022

  • The Starcoin brand have completed its first full upgrade.

We would like to thank our community for their support again!

Over the last year, Starcoin has delivered non-stop towards our mission as a pathfinder for the empowerment of values in Web3.0, we focus on providing values for the crypto ecosystems.

We will be releasing a full roadmap update along with our website in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the biggest updates that the next 12 months have in store for the Starcoin network.

2022–2023 Roadmap Outline


What are the next priorities?


From the beginning, achieving the scalability of the blockchain has been Starcoin’s mission, and Layer 2 protocol is a widely recognized method in the industry today.

We had researched Layer 2 for years and implemented Thor based on bitcoin and Sirius based on the Ethereum network in the early days.

In 2021, we completed the mainnet launch of Starcoin L1. After a year, we have made significant progress in scalability, security, and ecosystem on Layer 1. So it is time to return to our Layer 2 research. Our long-time vision and destination is a competitive Layer 2 protocol on the Move ecosystem. So in 2022, we launched the development of Starcoin L2.


Openness and transparency are our long-term priorities. We will achieve them in the following DAO plans.

The governance of Starcoin will gradually move towards the DAO model; the development of Starcoin requires the participation of STC holders, not only the technical team or the Starcoin foundation.

A DAO framework that leverages Starcoin’s unique strengths. On the first day of the Starcoin mainnet launch, we demonstrated the advantages of on-chain governance: all Starcoin chain updates can be enforced through voting instead of hard forks. With the further development of the ecosystem, we hope that all the dapps on the network can take these advantages. The Starcoin DAO framework we will release next includes an independent website for the users and SDK for developers.

Ecosystem Incentive

The ecosystem is an essential part of Starcoin. The Starcoin Foundation plans to invest $200,000 value of incentives in developers in 2022, including but not limited to:

  • Developer training and incentives
  • Developer Contest
  • New Project Grant

L2 Scalability

  • Q3/2022 OMO: A byecode level program emulator with per-step state proof, provide computing proof for L2 and L3 SmartContract DApp.
  • Q3/2022 Move language upgrade and support Table
  • Q3/2022 Easy Gas:Lower the Gas threshold for new users, and lower the cost of attracting users for L1/L2 DApps. Provides features such as allowing Gas payments with any Token and supporting Gas proxy payments.
  • Q4/2022 Off-chain Table on L1 (Include Rollup Table)
  • Q4/2022 DApp demo for Offchain Table
  • Q4/2022 Starcoin Ethereum Cross-chain SmartContract Invoke
  • Q1/2023 L2 Rollup on testnet
  • Q1/2023 L2 bridge
  • Q1/2023 L2 test demo/app (swap?)
  • Q1/2023 L2 wallet(& hardware wallet)
  • Q2/2023 L3 Model & DEMO

2022 is the year of the DAO, but practical challenges remain. If we don’t think critically about how we built it, then we may end up back where we started. At a time when trust is rare, we are in need of a mechanism that can be trusted to deliver value propositions. Starcoin’s DAO is envisioned to be powered by users. While reconceptualizing the community of digital ownership and democratic governance in the Web3 era, we seek to practice the DAO approach to gradually DAOize the whole chain from the inside out, maximize the autonomy of community participation through the governance mechanism as much as possible, blurring the boundary between core contributors and the community, and open it up to all to participate, and even gradually form a valued community beyond the boundary.

It’s a momentous year ahead for Starcoin DAO, and as we kickstart Q3 we’d like to present our core objectives for the remainder of the year. Read on to see what lies ahead on the path to Dao(Decentralized autonomous organization).

Governance and Incentives

  • Q3/2022 DAO Framework
  • Q3/2022 DAO Plugins
  • Q3/2022 DAO portal
  • Q3/2022 STC DAO Establishment and Governance
  • Q4/2022 DAO Ecosystem
  • Q3/2022 DAO Cross-chain Assets Management
  • Q4/2022 An $200,000 value of incentives for developers in 2022

Ecosystem applications

  • Q3/2022 Kiko, open NFT publish to public
  • Q3/2022 FAI, A new version of stablecoin protocol
  • Q1/2023 Starswap, low slippage curve algorithm for stablecoin swap

As you can see, the Starcoin Roadmap update reflects steady progress forward. And no doubt that this motivation comes from the community.

We keep sustainable growth based on a solid foundation of self-innovation and strategic optimization.No matter how fast the situation changes, we are confident that the real value will be seen after the wave fades.

Let’s see what happens the next time the wind comes up.