2022 Starcoin Year in Review (2)-Never Stop

Published at December 26, 2022 By Starcoin.

No doubt that 2022 was a challenging year for the industry, but as you can see from Github, we’re never giving up. We have seen these advances in the projects that our team of engineers has worked hard to innovate and develop. This has enabled us to create new products, improve the user experience, and explore solutions to the complex problems of the growing Move ecosystem.

The highlights of this year include the first cross-chain Starcoin bridge connecting Move ecology with EVM ecology, the development of the DAOSpace one-stop platform based on SBT; Supporting the launch of Move ecology’s first multi-chain native DEX — Starswap; and the upcoming testing of the industry-leading Starcoin Easy Gas feature — — — users will be able to initiate transactions without owning native tokens.

Along with releasing several technological innovations and enhancements, Starcoin completed its first brand upgrade and forged new partnerships with industry leaders. The positive contributions of talented gurus continue to expand our global reach with the launch of Starcoin’s ambassador program, Star Dome, this year. These successes set the stage for even more advancements and innovations in 2023.

Please take a look back at our building progress.

Chain Easy GAS: Starcoin, a mechanism has been designed to allow users to use any token supported on Starcoin to pay for the Gas of their transactions, i.e. users can easily initiate transactions without holding STCs, enabling easy use and development of Dapp applications.We natively support any token on the chain for gas fee payment in Starcoin. By combining with Starcoin Dao, we can flexibly decide which tokens can be used for gas fee payment without the need for proxy nodes and modifying the user’s code logic, and instead specify the token for gas fee payment directly in the transaction.

Starcoin Easy Gas : More Flexible,More Easy

Layer 2: In the initial design, Starcoin’s L2 solution is an L2 protocol.Based on the above discussion, we found that the market requires such a protocol:

It is a layered modular scaling solution. It bridges the differences between multiple layers through a layer of abstraction to provide a unified execution environment and settlement protocol for Web3 applications. Starcoin:Why we need Layer 2

Move Move upgrades from v4 to v6, Starcoin supports the perfect type of gas billing framework, Move supports built-in u16, u32, u256 type data reading and writing, improves transaction performance, supports stricter transaction verification, eliminates the release and execution of malicious transactions, supports more perfect formal verification, further improves the security of move.

Table is developed for large-scale data manipulation features, can support millions of levels of data, and has nested features, so that contract developers can easily and quickly manipulate large amounts of data, because the operation only needs to record the corresponding Table Handle (handle), Table provides the interface to help developers complete a series of previously cumbersome operations, and in ease of use has been greatly improved.

Infrastructure Starcoin Bridge : Starcoin launches the first decentralized cross-chain bridge — Poly Starcoin Bridge — to interoperate with Ethereum. This is a milestone that marks the maturity of the Starcoin ecosystem and the first interoperability between the Move and Solidity ecosystems.

The cross-chain bridge connecting Ethereum and Starcoin opens up the scenario of Move eco-applications supporting cross-chain assets, enhancing the interoperability of eco-applications and the liquidity of Token; users can easily transfer assets between different chains through the cross-chain bridge.

Starcoin’s First Cross-Chain Bridge.Brings a Secure Connection Between MOVE and EVM

DAOSpace: DAOSpace is a one-stop platform for code-free customization of DAOs through DAO templates and combinable plug-in mechanisms.

DAOSpace’s DAO templates have a built-in SBT membership system, a code-driven execution governance system, and a scalable plug-in system that can be used out-of-the-box or deeply customized to maximize user needs in multiple scenarios.

DAOSpace — A DAO launcher based on SBT

STARCOIN: Design Intent of DAOSpace

Movescan: Based on the pioneering experience gained in Move ecosystem browser, Movescan is committed to be the next generation blockchain browser with the most stability, scalability, real-time and user experience-focused convenience running in the Move ecosystem.

With a stable and high-performance infrastructure, Movescan will also provide a reliable, highly available and flexible Pro version for Move eco-developers including smart contracts and third-party apps.

Ecosystem Starswap Starswap, the first native DEX of Move ecosystem, is officially online on the Aptos mainnet and offers farming, stake and boost reward features. Starswap is also one of the first DEXs in the Move space to implement DAO governance, which marks a higher starting point for Move ecosystem DEX.

Starswap provides Farm, Stake, boost and other rich features on top of the core functions, aiming to meet the flexible trading needs of Move ecosystem users. starMask is the first full-featured wallet in the Starcoin network, and in October 2022, it also started to support the Aptos network at the same time, providing a unified user experience among multiple chains in the Move ecosystem.

Starcoin Stablecoin-FAI: The first Move Eco Stablecoin project FAI was developed by the Starcoin Eco Bfly team. FAI is Starcoin’s over-collateralized stablecoin, which allows you to pledge starcoin’s STC or ETH to obtain stablecoin and obtain FAI by pledging.

First Algorithmic Stablecoin FAI Practical Guide in Starcoin and Move Ecosystem

Community We are grateful for the collective support, contributions, and advice that you have provided Starcoin with achieving its goals. After the launch of Star Dome, we received 800 ambassador applications from all over the world, and 80 ambassadors have joined our team. More than 2,000 content outputs, more than 1,500 shilling jobs, 160 translations, nearly 60 video productions, and more than 20 special assignments were completed by Taltaly. It has been a pleasure working with you! So appreciate all of you for taking the time to share your experiences and passion with Starcoin.

Airdrop We are delighted to have rewarded our loyal supporters with over 336,64762 STC in 2022! Nearly 4,000 of our amazing fans were chosen as winners, and the higest of them received up to 3,000 STC. We’d like to thank everyone who participated and extend our congratulations to all our winners. We also look forward to providing even more Ecosystem Experience events over the next year.

Partner Looking back on 2022, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our partners for their trust and support.

For a better co-build, the Starcoin project has partnered with Comingchat, ChainX, OmniBTC, Coinhub, Mixin, OneKey, OpenBlock,BitStack, Poly Network, WENWEN, BFly, Starswap, Aswap, CyberRare,Kikoverse, Movebit, Bixin established a close cooperation; Thanks to the support of AptosProjectOrg, Aptos_insiders, AptosInsights community expanded brand awareness.

We are grateful for their trust and support in helping us achieve our goals and expand our impact. With these collaborations, we have been able to grow our brand and expand our reach to a wider audience. We also appreciate the opportunity to get to know our partners better and make meaningful connections with them.

At last We are excited to continue our journey and build on the progress we have made. We are confident that our hard work and dedication will continue to make a positive impact in the industry and create an environment of trust、security and transparency in the world of digital assets.

We are looking forward to the future and the opportunities it will bring.