starcoin_miner Command line tools are used to remotely connect to starcoin nodes and provide mining capabilities.


starcoin_miner [OPTIONS]


  • -a, –server , Specifies the rpc address of the starcoin node to connect to, defaults to
  • -n, –thread-num ,Number of threads, defaults to 1.

Run miner client

When the starcoin node is started locally, we can run the following command to start 4 threads connected to the local node for mining.

starcoin_miner -n 4

Upon startup, you can see the following message in the console

Miner client Total seals found:  3
starcoin-miner-cpu-worker-0 ⠦ [00:00:00] Hash rate:      20 Seals found:  17
starcoin-miner-cpu-worker-1 ⠦ [00:00:00] Hash rate:      21 Seals found:  17
starcoin-miner-cpu-worker-2 ⠤ [00:00:00] Hash rate:      20 Seals found:  16
starcoin-miner-cpu-worker-3 ⠤ [00:00:00] Hash rate:      20 Seals found:  16
2020-10-28T09:09:53.006852+08:00 INFO - Seal found 16718533681172480617

The log shows information such as the total number of seals, the Hash rate of each thread, and the latest found seal.