Full Node
Full Node

Clients of the Starcoin Blockchain create transactions and submit them to a full node. Then the full node decides the order of transactions according to certain rules. A full node contains the following logical components:


  • Txpool is a buffer that holds the transactions that are “waiting” to be executed.
  • When a new transaction is added to a node’s txpool, this node’s txpool shares this transaction with other nodes.


  • The consensus component is responsible for ordering blocks of transactions and agreeing on the results of execution by participating in the consensus protocol with other nodes in the network.


  • BlockChain maintains the internal state of the chain, providing context for other components to function properly.


  • The executor component utilizes the virtual machine (VM) to execute transactions.

Virtual Machine (VM)

  • Txpool use the VM component to perform validation checks on transactions.
  • VM is used to run the program included in a transaction and determine the results.


  • Calculate hash by certain rules.


  • The storage component is used to persist agreed upon blocks of transactions and their execution results.