Key Concepts
Key Concepts

Starcoin Key Concepts


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Account, Addresses, Authentication keys, and Cryptographic keys


Clients of the Starcoin Blockchain submit transactions to request updates to the ledger state.


A block contains a batch of the ordered transactions , as well as other key data:


The final result of a transaction or block execution is indicated by its status. The ledger state, or global state of the Starcoin Blockchain, is comprised of the state of all accounts in the blockchain.


All of the data in the Starcoin Blockchain is stored in a single-versioned distributed database. Proof is used to determine whether a transaction or block is included in the blockchain.

Full Node

Clients of the Starcoin Blockchain create transactions and submit them to a full node. Then the full node decides the order of transactions according to certain rules. A full node contains the following logical components:

DAO governance
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